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Relationship and Self Esteem Coach

If you are tired of feeling tired, mystified as to what to do next in your life or just done with not liking yourself, you have come to the right place. You need focus and clarity. Terry Diebold, the Self-Esteem expert can bring that clarity to your life like a laser, focus you on the steps you need to take to move out of your stuckness and mentor you into the life you choose. Whether you want to kick start a relationship, become the next McDonald’s mogul or reinvent yourself, you need the insight that will mark the path for your progress. Click here to start your new life today.


FAQ about personal coaching:

1) What is coaching anyway? How is it different from talking to my friends?

As a coach, I take the information and skills that you already have and utilize them to guide you in making decisions about which changes you would like to make. I then come up with a personal “action plan” to enable you to make those changes. Unlike your friends, I am aware of all the components of your plan and how they should be implemented. I know where you are in your work and know how to motivate you to keep your progress moving. Once you make these changes, I will support you by developing strategies to maintain those changes and will encourage you progress as you stay on track.

2) What will I be doing while I’m being coached?

You will be doing the tasks that have been developed to help you meet your goal. Whether you are starting a business or becoming more assertive or figuring out what to do with your life, there will always be concrete steps you must implement to succeed. You will not always want to do these things, but with my help as your coach…you have a much greater likelihood of doing them.

3) What’s the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

With coaching, you set the agenda for your coaching and your success will depend on your willingness to define and take risks. You can expect me, as your coach, to be honest and direct, asking straighforward questions and using challenging techniques to help you move forward. Coaching is a professional relationship that is based on a contract between two people involving future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals and action plans.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is a health care service. Its primary focus is to identify, diagnose and treat emotional and mental disorders. Therapy is often focused on past emotional trauma and the feelings and actions associated with it. Psychotherapy is based on the illness or emotional distress of the client and the role of the therapist as diagnostitian and healer.

4) How do I get the coaching and what does it cost?

Coaching is generally done over the phone with the coach offering a number of packagesfrom which to choose. Usually, you can choose a package of three months, six months or a year because continuity is essential to a good coaching experience. You would not expect to learn math in one teaching session, nor would you expect to be coached to success in one session. The value of the coaching comes as a result of the cumulative information that builds one step upon another, one success upon another.

Rates vary depending on the person’s goals, amount of technical knowledge needed and the experience of the coach. Fees range from $100 to $300 per call and calls occur from two to four times per month. Many coaches break up the coaching fees into monthly payments that can be automatically paid by credit card or PayPal.

Because of the variables that influence the coaching process, I prefer to spend some time during a free phone call to ascertain what the process will involve and what the appropriate fee would be.

Speaking Topics

  • “Difficult” People: Keep Your Sanity and Your Smile
  • What’s Holding You Back? Learn to Love Your Life, Really!
  • Money and You: Opposites Do Attract
  • Is It Really Possible to Have a Good Relationship Without Losing Yourself?
  • What Do Women Really Want?

“Difficult” People: Keep Your Sanity and Your Smile
What do you say when someone asks you how much money you make or gets their feelings hurt easily or blows up at the simplest request? Never be at a loss for words again as you learn to handle these and other difficult people.

What’s Holding You Back? Learn to Love Your Life, Really!
Learn the number one thing that holds people back from having the life they want. Walk away free from the nagging doubts that keep you from happiness.

Money and You: Opposites Do Attract
Ever feel like you are just not meant to have money? Learn the secrets that millionaires already know about making and keeping money and why your relationship with money is a spiritual journey you must undertake.

Do You Have to Lose Yourself to Find Love?
Why is the average marriage healthier for the average man than the average woman? Why do men do better in an unhappy relationship than women? Find out why so many women forget who they are in the name of love.

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