The Myth of Self Esteem

Finally, a down-to-earth book that shows you why

you can quit worrying about self-esteem and start enjoying yourself…


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Have you ever wondered why there are so many books on self-esteem?

Have you thought you would feel better after reading a self-help book but found, after a couple of weeks, you were back to feeling like you did before?

This book answers these questions and reveals why some people don’t ever get over having “poor self-esteem.”

But you can dump those demoralizing feelings, no matter how long you’ve had them once you understand the secret the author has discovered about self-esteem. You will find a fresh way to understand self-esteem that leaves you feeling relieved, not burdened by adding one more thing to your personal improvement “To Do” list. Take a minute now to order the book … it just might be the best thing you’ve ever done for your “self-esteem.”

Buy the Book, The Myth of Self Esteem, for $14.95

Read Terry’s book and take a journey back to yourself in The Myth of Self-Esteem.

  • Terry offers concrete examples to learn to recognize the signs of self-sabotage.
  • Become immune to the negative and mistaken messages about self-esteem.
  • Become free to follow the sacred and unique path you were always intended to walk.
  • Everyone talks about increasing your self-esteem and how to go about it. Terry delves into the myth that is self-esteem and helps us all discover where we personally fit into that myth. She then gives us the tools to make changes in our lives so that this myth is not constantly hanging over us, always asking to be “made better”.

“The writing is clear and appropriate…

The writing is clear and appropriate for people who are not necessarily in the mental health field. I thoroughly enjoyed the examples and Terry’s sense of humor makes this an easy read. I definitely recommend it to anyone who would just like to put an end to feeling that if they had more self-esteem that they would be happy. Disprove that myth and get on with your lives.” ~ Lisa H., Virginia

“I LOVED the book!

I LOVED the book! I read it all in the same night and found it fascinating! You are a brilliant writer, and I was moved by every chapter. Reading the book, I felt as if we were having a conversation….it was spiritual, down to earth, sensible, funny, focused, and academically sound. I appreciated the references to and quotes from sources such as Emotional Intelligence (one of my favorite books) and Thomas Moore, among others. So many different parts will be helpful to people I plan to give the book to…..e.g. the praise section for grandchildren, the value of work for son, and more….. The chapter on Phantom Thinking was exceptional. It’s unique to be given a tool such as your test with specific strategies, rather than banal generalities. I also found chapter 6 on creativity beautiful….and so true….I love how you can come to a — or the — point so clearly. Your writing and communication abilities are a gift as well.” ~ Joanne C., Charleston, SC

“I just bought 7 more copies to give to my friends!”
~ Lori T., Traverse City, MI

Buy it now!
Buy the Book, The Myth of Self Esteem, for $14.95

“What an amazing book…

“What an amazing book. If you want to change your thoughts and improve your life you have to read The Myth of Self Esteem. So many of us struggle with events in our lives and we can’t figure out why. Without even trying, we sabotage ourselves. Terry’s book changed my thought patterns, my attitude and my outlook. This is just what the doctor ordered! Don’t wait any longer…order it today and be ready for a reality check.” ~ Linda C., Spotsylvania, VA

“I just finished chapter 3

“I just finished chapter 3 ‘Soul and Spirit’ and used my highlighter so many times I stopped counting.” ~ Marcia G., Santa Barbra, CA

“Terry Diebold is an experienced psychotherapist…

“Terry Diebold is an experienced psychotherapist who offers a spiritually based view of “self-esteem” that finally incorporates the new disciplines of emotional intelligence, holistic healing, and spiritual growth.” ~ Dr. Murry Cohen, Psychiatrist, Fredericksburg, VA

“This book was so well-written that I found myself wanting to quote exerpts.

“This book was so well-written that I found myself wanting to quote exerpts. In an effectively moving way it debunks the myth of self-esteem and leaves the reader with a feeling of empowerment. Terry Diebold has written a book that is bold, poignant, and at times so funny, I laughed out loud. I cannot wait to give this book to all my clients.” ~ Dr. Delise Dickard, Ed.D.

“I thought you’d like to know what a good influence your book was on me.

“I thought you’d like to know what a good influence your book was on me. After getting into your book I concluded it was time for me to accept this challenge of an idea I’ve had for a small business. So I applied for my business license and hope to have a pamphlet out by November 15. And I have you to thank for your thought provoking book without which I think I would have not gone this way.” ~ Colleen H., Bishop, CA

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The Myth of Self Esteem for $14.95