About Terry Diebold

Born in Germany to an American military family, Terry began crisscrossing Europe and the United States until finally settling in Virginia twenty years ago. A shy and insecure child, it is no surprise that she was always much more content to be in the background. But as years passed, she discovered that when she speaks, people listen. After being asked repeatedly to write a book, she produced The Myth of Self-Esteem. It contains her philosophy about why self-esteem is such an insidious problem in this country and how insecurity creates countless problems in business, stands in the way of personal dreams and destroys relationships.

Terry graduated from Michigan State University with an Education Major and a double minor in Religion and Psychology. She began working with a non-profit educational support group and rose to management after working her way up an all-male ladder. She also owned a skin care franchise and began work on a Master’s in Labor Relations.  Presented with an opportunity to move to Montana, she gave up the corporate world and sold her profitable company, relishing the idea of raising her son in the Big Sky Country. But she couldn’t stay away from the pull of business. While in Montana she established a non-profit school employee trust which would provide low-cost insurance to school employees.

Upon returning to the Midwest, Terry could no longer deny the call she had felt since childhood and entered the seminary. She graduated in four years with two Master’s Degrees, one in Divinity and another in Marriage and Family Therapy and was also ordained as a Presbyterian Minister. Soon she was running a women’s spirituality group which is where she came to understand first-hand the agony and pain that so many women experience with poor self-esteem. She soon discovered men had just as big a battle with lack of self confidence as did women. Within six years she founded the Center for Family Counseling which today has numerous therapists providing services to hundreds of families in her area.

What Terry brings to those who seek her out is an uncanny ability to cut through the years of self-doubt to bring clarity and energy to people who are either stuck or want to move forward in their lives, careers and relationships. With her solid business background, spiritual strength and therapy skills, she makes the way clear for those who want to live their lives deeply and successfully.  Terry is supportive and compassionate yet has a no-nonsense approach whether she is acting as coach, mentor or therapist. When working with an individual, a group of business people or an audience, Terry’s powerful presence attests to her ability to change lives.


Read Terry’s book, The Myth of Self Esteem: 50 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself, and take a journey back to yourself.

  • Terry offers concrete examples to learn to recognize the signs of self-sabotage.
  • Become immune to the negative and mistaken messages about self-esteem.
  • Become free to follow the sacred and unique path you were always intended to walk.


Book Terry Diebold to speak at a seminar or for a book signing today and watch your group’s self-esteem change dramatically! Terry’s spiritually-based approach to self-esteem will have everyone in your group rethinking their beliefs and approaching life with a clearer, stronger view.


Learn more about Terry’s business coaching at DieboldConsulting.com.